An OptimisticThoughtExperiment: Imagine the best MiNd's on PlanetEarth coming together in a council of the UnitedNations to re-InVent the WorldEconomy with a new currency, solely based on the idea of a global WebOfTrust. It will be:
  • completely digital
  • completely TransParent
  • ReSilient
  • based on a world ConStitution
  • have the simplest and most efficient tax system ever
  • governed by a WorldSenate
  • replacing existing currencies within a 20-year RoadMap
  • Another GedankenSpiel: Image an extraterrestrial ConScious being just arriving from outer space. You would have 100.000 bytes in AscIi to describe the WorldEconomy, including WikiTable's for the most basic economic numbers (ForbesList, BigCo, WechselKurs, Interest rates, BalticDryIndex, GDP...). What would be the DiFer'ent fundamental concepts and data used to describe the WorldEconomy?