coined by IjGood: "Speculations Concerning the [First Ultraintelligent Machine|]" The IntelligenceExplosion can be seen as a generalization or consequence of MooresLaw towards the social and cultural change: The exponential increases in scales of TerraFlops, InterNet traffic and storage capacities __may__ lead to a world where also intelligence can propagate exponentially. This causes extreme pressures on individual HuMan MiNd's, because their hardware did not change significantly until the year 2008. In 2008 more and more MindPeople started to reconfigure their mental basis and applied techniques like MindDoping. Many people reject to see IntelligenceExplosion. Why? Probably because of a mythical concept of intelligence. Just do this: On the evening of a sunny summerday, walk through the streets of NeuStadt. Sometimes, when you look through some of the open windows, you will see people watching tv or sitting at their computer. Do you already see the IntelligenceExplosion? No? Then go back into the past. Imagine the NeuStadt in the years 1908, 1808 and 1708. Imagine how many people lived then. Which media did they have? When was electricity invented, understood by scientists, and introduced to CitiZens at reasonable prices? How many percent of the population of the CityOfDresden were illiterate? When did they buy their first radio? Their first TV, their first computer, their first mobile? You can see IntelligenceExplosion, if you focus on symbolic intelligence. Do not think about intelligence as black box process inside your MiNd, but as a simple almost mechanistic act of ConScious systems, repeated billion times every second all over PlanetEarth.