With increasing probability of longevity technologies, it is likely that a social tension will occur between old and young generations. How might the adoption pattern of TransHuman thinking look? Longevity is appreciated as a social value. The inevitability of death is a believed axiom for at least 99.9% of the population on PlanetEarth in the year 2008. Even in groups of higher income, better education and healthcare, the group of beliefers in significant personal longevity will not be much higher. The ImMortal'ity memes will probably spread in the young generation. The argumentation of RayKurzweil and AubreyDeGrey: A main trend line is the slowing, ending and reversing of aging. This will reduce the risk of death mainly to diseases, accidents and violent death. The long-term IntelligenceExplosion might allow to cure more and more mainstream diseases, reducing the risks further to rare and eccentric diseases. This will transform the axiom of lethality to a more and more unlikely special case. It will transform the default expectation of the entire culture. This might happen in the time horizon of 2020-2030 (MeanValue: 2025, ConFidence: 0.8). The post MortalIsm era is hard to imagine, because it will coincide with a PostSingular era:
  • the difference between generations will disappear. In the pre-ImMortal era, the old generations were subject to increasing health care. In the ImMortal age, the human InBody can be permanently optimized.
  • The life experience of most people will be digitized and available for sharing.
  • The genealogical tree of mankind will be available in a unprecendented level of detail.
  • In a true PostSingular scenario, human ConScious'ness will ConVerg'e with digital brain enhancements and the human body will be a part of minor relevance in a system of SelfImprove'ing bio-robotics.